Litter Robot Automatic Litter Box

Cat lovers, give yourself the gift of relief - relief from the unpleasant chore of cleaning out the litter pan and relief from the smell of less-than-fresh litter.

The Litter Robot Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box cleverly sifts stinky waste without rakes or wires, which have a habit of jamming up or breaking down. Clumps get dumped into a separate chamber below. And unlike other automatic litter boxes, you can use standard kitchen trash bags or even free grocery bags - no need to spend more on overpriced supplies.

For most cats, the transition from the do-nothing litter pan to this high-tech model is a smooth one. The Litter Robot works with any clumping litter, so no need for any special (read: more expensive) brand.

A weight sensor tells the unit it's "ocupado" and waits a safe seven minutes to start its cleaning cycle. (Don't know about you, but my cats don't dally in the box, so seven minutes is plenty of time for kitty to vacate the premises.) But don't worry, if your cat gets curious, as I've heard they do : ), the Litter Robot senses that too and stops.

The litter stays fresher longer with this space-age machine and this saves you money since you end up using less of the clumping stuff. The Litter Robot comes in black, gray and beige, which, to me, are equally ugly, lol, but functional. It has an awesome 18-month warranty and most people who try it love it. And those who don't have reported excellent customer service.

This may not be something you have thought about, but if you have a daughter or daughter-in-law or other loved one who is pregnant and has cats, this automatic litter box is a great gift idea. Less handling of waste helps protect against toxoplasmosis.