Litter Robot Automatic Litter Box

Cat lovers, give yourself the gift of relief - relief from the unpleasant chore of cleaning out the litter pan and relief from the smell of less-than-fresh litter.

The Litter Robot Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box cleverly sifts stinky waste without rakes or wires, which have a habit of jamming up or breaking down. Clumps get dumped into a separate chamber below. And unlike other automatic litter boxes, you can use standard kitchen trash bags or even free grocery bags - no need to spend more on overpriced supplies.

For most cats, the transition from the do-nothing litter pan to this high-tech model is a smooth one. The Litter Robot works with any clumping litter, so no need for any special (read: more expensive) brand.

A weight sensor tells the unit it's "ocupado" and waits a safe seven minutes to start its cleaning cycle. (Don't know about you, but my cats don't dally in the box, so seven minutes is plenty of time for kitty to vacate the premises.) But don't worry, if your cat gets curious, as I've heard they do : ), the Litter Robot senses that too and stops.

The litter stays fresher longer with this space-age machine and this saves you money since you end up using less of the clumping stuff. The Litter Robot comes in black, gray and beige, which, to me, are equally ugly, lol, but functional. It has an awesome 18-month warranty and most people who try it love it. And those who don't have reported excellent customer service.

This may not be something you have thought about, but if you have a daughter or daughter-in-law or other loved one who is pregnant and has cats, this automatic litter box is a great gift idea. Less handling of waste helps protect against toxoplasmosis.


Blue Diamond Rings


This Valentine's Day, dazzle the woman of your dreams with something unexpected and special - a blue diamond ring.

Natural blue diamonds are rare, one reason the famed royal gem the Hope Diamond is priceless. But you don't have to be a blue blood to own your very own blue diamond. Today, these mesmerizing sparklers are in reach of us common folk - without spending a king's ransom. Blue diamond rings, especially, are all the rage.

The vast majority of blue diamonds are treated to produce a variety of blue shades. This process of treating natural diamonds to bring out intense colors in the stones is more commonplace - and better - than ever before. Don't turn your nose up at treated gems. Because the method is expensive and does not work on every diamond, the stones selected for treatment are typically high in clarity, one of the all important 4 Cs of diamond buying - cut, clarity, color, carat.

When considering a blue diamond ring, the most popular setting choice is platinum or white gold. You can do a solitaire but a setting that includes clear stones - white diamonds, white zircon or white topaz even - accent the blue diamond beautifully.

But if your love is a yellow gold girl, a blue diamond ring in yellow gold will look spectacular all the same. It's the diamond, after all, that's the star of that jewelry show.

No matter what you choose, your sweetheart will be thrilled when a blue diamond ring is sparkling on her finger.


Learn Spanish in 2010

When another year arrives, shiny and new, most of us look at it as a clean slate to start fresh, improve ourselves and our lives. This is something I love about new years - a crackling optimism that gets your toes tingling with anticipation. Losing weight, eating better, quitting smoking - these resolutions are on many, if not most people's, lists. Why not do something a bit different? Make 2010 the year you learn Spanish.

Sure, English is a global language. If it's your first language, you may wonder why bother, and you have a point, to an extent. But to learn a foreign language expands horizons, challenges the mind and is a whole lot of fun, to boot.

If you're monolingual, then learning Spanish is a great place to start! It is the easiest foreign language to learn - everything is spoken the way it's written and the grammar and syntax is very similar to English. Once you master how to pronounce Spanish letters, you can pronounce anything you read in Spanish. And you already know a lot of Spanish words to begin with. Stop shaking your head. Trust me you do. This book Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish: A Creative and Proven Approach will prove it to you!

Books are great, but nothing beats hearing a new language being spoken. Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur software are fantastic tools to learn Spanish fast.

You may not have any great hurry to learn Spanish, but you do want to be learning it quickly. Why? Because being able to say and read and understand phrases in Spanish will motivate you to continue. Using a teaching method that is ineffective is frustrating and can make you think that you are just not cut out to speak Spanish. Nonsense! Anyone can with the right teacher.
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