Canon FS100 Flash Memory Camcorder with 48x Advanced Zoom

Here's a gift anyone on your list can appreciate - the Canon FS100 Flash Memory Camcorder with 48x Advanced Zoom. It is small, light and easy to use. Your arm will not wear out holding it! And yet it is solidly built to handle all the use having this soda-can sized camcorder will inspire.
The Canon FS100 stores yours special moments on an SD/SDHC flash card. It features a large 2.7-inch widescreen LCD, a joystick for even easier use and a quick start function that helps reduce battery drain.

It even comes with a remote control, which is perfect for when you want to get in the action. Just set the Canon FS100 on a tripod and use the remote to keep 'directing.'

Choose from Moonstone Silver, Garnet Wine and Sapphire Blue.
Canon FS100 Flash Memory Camcorder reviews
"Love this camcorder. Amazing picture, awesome zoom. Intuitive, easy to use. I haven't found anything I don't like about it yet. You can't beat Canon's picture quality and they don't disappoint with this camcorder. I only wish we had these 20+ years ago when my kids were young and we were lugging a huge Panasonic camcorder around!"
* * * * *
"I LOVE it. I am totally electronically challeged, so it was great to see the ease and simplicity with which this camera operates. Not to mention the color is so pretty. I highly recommend this camera."
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"I simply love its small size, wonderful clarity, great optical zoom, instant start and above all, no moving parts in it. The SD card format is so easy to use and download to computer. I am using Mac to download and it work great with iMovies."
* * * * *
"It is a very nice camera for the price. One of the neat features that no other camcorder the price bracket has is a MIC jack."

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