Learn Spanish in 2010

When another year arrives, shiny and new, most of us look at it as a clean slate to start fresh, improve ourselves and our lives. This is something I love about new years - a crackling optimism that gets your toes tingling with anticipation. Losing weight, eating better, quitting smoking - these resolutions are on many, if not most people's, lists. Why not do something a bit different? Make 2010 the year you learn Spanish.

Sure, English is a global language. If it's your first language, you may wonder why bother, and you have a point, to an extent. But to learn a foreign language expands horizons, challenges the mind and is a whole lot of fun, to boot.

If you're monolingual, then learning Spanish is a great place to start! It is the easiest foreign language to learn - everything is spoken the way it's written and the grammar and syntax is very similar to English. Once you master how to pronounce Spanish letters, you can pronounce anything you read in Spanish. And you already know a lot of Spanish words to begin with. Stop shaking your head. Trust me you do. This book Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish: A Creative and Proven Approach will prove it to you!

Books are great, but nothing beats hearing a new language being spoken. Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur software are fantastic tools to learn Spanish fast.

You may not have any great hurry to learn Spanish, but you do want to be learning it quickly. Why? Because being able to say and read and understand phrases in Spanish will motivate you to continue. Using a teaching method that is ineffective is frustrating and can make you think that you are just not cut out to speak Spanish. Nonsense! Anyone can with the right teacher.
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