Blue Diamond Rings


This Valentine's Day, dazzle the woman of your dreams with something unexpected and special - a blue diamond ring.

Natural blue diamonds are rare, one reason the famed royal gem the Hope Diamond is priceless. But you don't have to be a blue blood to own your very own blue diamond. Today, these mesmerizing sparklers are in reach of us common folk - without spending a king's ransom. Blue diamond rings, especially, are all the rage.

The vast majority of blue diamonds are treated to produce a variety of blue shades. This process of treating natural diamonds to bring out intense colors in the stones is more commonplace - and better - than ever before. Don't turn your nose up at treated gems. Because the method is expensive and does not work on every diamond, the stones selected for treatment are typically high in clarity, one of the all important 4 Cs of diamond buying - cut, clarity, color, carat.

When considering a blue diamond ring, the most popular setting choice is platinum or white gold. You can do a solitaire but a setting that includes clear stones - white diamonds, white zircon or white topaz even - accent the blue diamond beautifully.

But if your love is a yellow gold girl, a blue diamond ring in yellow gold will look spectacular all the same. It's the diamond, after all, that's the star of that jewelry show.

No matter what you choose, your sweetheart will be thrilled when a blue diamond ring is sparkling on her finger.

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