Making the Perfect Little Mummy Costume for my Daughter

Guest post written by Kat Presley

I only have one child, but I think that I give her enough attention for three kids. I wouldn't say that I spoil her, but I love to spend so much time with her and make sure that she's prepared with as much learning and reading as possible to help her in her future. Well, she recently read a book about mummies and decided that she wants to go as one for Halloween.

She told me that she wants the costume I make her to be historically accurate. Well, I told her I would make it look as good as possible but I wouldn't be mummifying her just for Halloween. I used my wireless internet for laptops to look online and get some great ideas for how to make her costume. Between her book and that stuff, I had all kinds of ideas.

Her kids DIY mummy costume actually has turned out really well! I thought that it would be fun to put some jewelry over her wraps, so I found some good, cheap costume jewelry for that too. She thinks it's historically accurate enough, thank goodness!

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