Trouble Finding that Perfect Gift at the Perfect Price? Try Become.com

Call me crazy, but it seems to me that shopping online was easier years ago. Now the choices are mind-boggling. Do a search for dining chair pads, say, and you will get shopping results from big box stores to WAHMs who've set up a little online store front and everything in between.

One of those "everything in between" might just be Become.com. When you're doing your shopping research, Become.com provides product information, reviews, specs, and comparison prices.

The shopping site also allows you to zero in on the information that's important to you. Maybe you're looking for a housewarming gift and decide to check out queen comforter sets. Want specs such as thread count and care instructions? Click the product details. Want reviews of the peace sign bedding that caught your eye? Click that button or discussion forums to "listen in" on the chatter about the pros and cons of the item you're looking for.

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