Red Carpet style watch

Contributed by Johnny Graves

January kicks off the awards season for all of television and movies. It is my second favorite time of the year for television with the first being sweeps week in September when all of the new shows come on and all of the awesome fall season shows begin. So this year we went tohttp://www.expertsatellite.com/ to get set up with a whole new satellite television connection and I am really glad we did it when we did because it is just in time for the awards show to start coming on. It is my favorite when they film and interview live from the red carpet. I love to see the celebrities stepping out of their limos with their elaborate evening gowns and sky high heels. The men are usually not too bad to look at either. All of them I’m sure will be dressed in their Tom Ford tuxedoes as usual. I love to watch my girl Guiliana Rancic talk to all of the stars as if they are best friends. Maybe they are best friends in real life.

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