Valentine's Day Freebie Just for Fun

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Along with your more typical VDay gifts -- flowers, chocolate, perfume, fancy meals, diamond jewelry, and so on -- you can treat your sweetie to a modern-day fave such as the Kindle and Kindle books or accessories.

But you can also do something that won't cost you but a tiny bit of time. You can learn how to give her Valentine's greetings in a different language. If you have a Latin love, learn how to say Happy Valentine's Day in Spanish (you might want to learn Spanish anyway). Or if you just want to sound sexy, try Happy Valentine's Day in French. Ooh-la-la. Or just for fun, you can tell your sweetie Happy Valentine's Day in Japanese. (And it's the easiest of all!)

If this little exercise gives you the bug, language learning software is arguably the fastest, most convenient way to teach yourself a new language.

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